XPrag.de Methods Workshop

From September 20th to September 22nd, the XPrag.de Methods Workshop will take place at the University of Cologne. The aim of the workshop is to update researchers interested in Experimental Pragmatics on new developments in experimental methods and their links to pragmatic theory.

Three courses will be offered, with three sessions each:

XPrag.de member Judith Degen (Stanford University) will give lectures on “Probabilistic pragmatics: an introduction to the Rational Speech Act framework”.

XPrag.de Mercator Fellow Lyn Frazier (UM Amherst) will give a series of lectures on language processing, in particular the processing of non-at-issue content and the pragmatics of ellipsis.

The course of XPrag.de Mercator Fellow Napoleon Katsos (University of Cambridge) addresses the acquisition of pragmatic competence.

In addition, we have invited an expert to hold an interactive workshop on “gender and diversity in academia” to prepare you for related challenges in your role as project principal investigator or professor.

More details can be found here http://www.xprag.de/?page_id=5031.

Please register by September 1st, 2017 at the latest!