Second round of Short-term Collaboration Program has started!

We are happy to announce that the Short-term collaboration program of the 2nd period of has started. The Steering Board has selected the following projects for funding:

  • An Experimental Investigation of Anti-presuppositions
    Nadine Bade (ObTrEx, Tübingen) and Florian Schwarz (U Pennsylvania)
  • The role of world-knowledge in setting imprecise standards for absolute gradable adjectives: Probabilistic Modeling
    Petra Schumacher (InfoPer2, Cologne), Barbara Tomaszewicz (InfoPer2, Cologne), Michael Franke (Pro3, Tübingen), Judith Degen (Pro3, Stanford University) and Daniel Lassiter (Stanford University)
  • Combining EEG and virtual reality to investigate the processing of quantifiers and scalar implicatures in the context of partial information
    Maria Spychalska (ImplPer, Cologne) and David Peeters (MPI Nijmegen)

More information on the projects’ plans can be found here!