Short-term Collaboration Program

This program funds travel expenses and experimental expenses for collaboration projects on Experimental Pragmatics between researchers and a German or an international partner for a duration up to 24 months. Teams include at least one researcher from and one from an external project (associated projects are considered to be external, here). The progress of collaboration will be presented at the annual meetings.

New selected projects:

  • Free choice, inclusion and redundant material
    Researchers involved: Nicole Gotzner (SiGames, ZAS), Jacopo Romoli (Ulster University), Paolo Santorio (University of California, San Diego)
  • Conventional Meaning: Numerical symbols vs. number terms
    Researchers involved: Petra B. Schumacher (InfoPer2, Universität zu Köln, Ira Noveck (external partner, CNRS Lyon)
  • Predicting scalar diversity in a Bayesian model of pragmatic inference with lexical uncertainty
    Chao Sun (ZAS), Richard Breheny (University College London), Nicole Gotzner (SiGames, ZAS), Anton Benz (SiGames, ZAS)
  • Testing Bayesian Pragmatics: Combining Eye Tracking and EEG
    Researchers involved: Markus Werning (BayesPrag@, Bochum), Richard Breheny (University College London), Matthias Unterhuber (BayesPrag@, Bochum)

Short-term Collaboration Projects 2018-2020

Short-term Collaboration Projects 2015-2017