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FIRST call for the Special Collection of Linguistic Vanguard “Natural Language Conditionals and Conditional Reasoning”

If you are interested in contributing a paper, please get in touch with me (Mingya Liu: liu.mingya@uni-osnabrueck.de) by January 15. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The concept of conditionality is central to human thought and action, which is manifested by a rich repertoire of conditional expressions in natural language. Related questions that have been discussed in the literature but are still under constant debate include for example, the following:

  1. What are the underlying morphosyntactic structures of conditional sentences in one language and across languages?
  2. How to derive the different meanings (i.e. semantics and pragmatics) that conditionals in natural language convey?
  3. How do descriptions and formal accounts of natural language conditionals connect with the psychological theories of reasoning?

To achieve a better holistic understanding of conditionals and conditional reasoning across languages and language users, the present special collection targets at ‘general review articles’, ‘current cut-edge research results’ as well as ‘explorative papers with potentials’ on the following three overlapping subthemes: morphosyntax of conditionals, semantics and pragmatics of conditionals, and conditional reasoning. We aim to

  1. bring together investigations centered around different forms and meanings of conditionals,
  2. directly combine different methods of studying conditionals (e.g. formal-linguistic, corpus-linguistic, experimental, logical, probabilistic),
  3. and strengthen the connection between linguistic approaches to conditionals and psychological theories of conditional reasoning.

List of confirmed contributors:

  • Morphosyntax of conditionals:

    Philipp Weisser (University of Leipzig, confirmed): “Some Syntactic Quirks of Conditional Clauses”
    Andreas Blümel (University of Göttingen, confirmed): “Hidden V2 in German — Evidence from Conditionals”

  • Semantics/Pragmatics of conditionals:

    Mingya Liu (Osnabrück University, confirmed): “Non-at-issue Meanings of Conditional Connectives”
    Jiang Yan (University of London, confirmed): “Chinese Counterfactuals: putting together the jigsaw puzzle”
    Karolina Krzyżanowska (ILLC Amsterdam, confirmed): “What is Amiss about Missing-link Conditionals?”

  • Conditional Reasoning
    Matthias Unterhuber (University of Bochum, confirmed): “Convergence Results for Conditional Logic in the Light of the Semantics and Pragmatics of Conditionals and Connective Principles”

You are invited to submit a short paper (3000- 4000 words plus references or other supplementary materials) to be considered for publication within the special collection of Linguistic Vanguard. Linguistics Vanguard is an online, multi-modal journal and authors are encouraged to include interactive content, such as audio, video, software, raw data, etc. Because the journal is online-only, special collections are “virtual collections” linked by shared keywords. Details about the journal can be found at www.degruyter.com/lingvan.

Authors (and journal subscribers) will have free access to the entire special collection. There are no publication costs. All authors may post a pdf on their personal website a year after publication. Another advantage for you as a potential contributor is, that the publication process is comparably fast. We will try our best to notify you of the reviewing results within six weeks after your submission.

Rough time schedule

Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2018
Notification of reviewing results: July 15, 2018
Deadline for resubmissions: August 31, 2018
Decision letters: September 15, 2018
Publication: end of 2018

Questions can be directed to the guest editor of the special collection Mingya Liu (liu.mingya@uni-osnabrueck.de) on content-related matters or the Area Editor of Linguistics Vanguard Thomas Hoffmann (homas.hoffmann@ku.de) on general procedural matters.