Workshop “The pragmatics of quantifiers: implicature and presupposition – experiment and theory”

Uli Sauerland (LISI, ZAS Berlin), Stephanie Solt (DegAtt, ZAS Berlin), Bob van Tiel (MUQTASP, ZAS Berlin)

Time and venue:
May 7th-8th, 2018 at ZAS Berlin, Trajekte-Raum, 3rd floor (→Map)
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While much work in pragmatics focusses on contrasts between “some” and “all”, most other quantifiers (even “most”) receive only scant attention in the literature. This holds for both implicature and for presupposition, especially presupposition projection.
At the same time, the work that has been done indicates that there are important pragmatic differences between quantifiers. These differences affect, inter alia, the interpretation of donkey sentences (e.g., Kanazawa, 1994), cognitive and distributional profiles (e.g., Hackl, 2009 and Solt, 2016 on the difference between “most” and “more than half”), the order of acquisition (Katsos et al., 2016), the ease of logical inferencing (e.g., Geurts, 2003), the projection behaviour of presuppositions (e.g., Chemla, 2009), and the availability of scalar implicatures (Ariel, 2004).
The goal of this workshop is to bring together experimental and theoretical work on the pragmatics of quantifiers beyond “some” and “all”. In particular, we welcome submissions presenting work on the effects of quantification on implicature and presupposition.

Planned invited speakers:
Napoleon Katsos (U Cambridge), Bart Geurts (U Nijmegen), Martin Hackl (MIT)