Archive Events

Date Event
25.-26.06.21 Workshop “MK40: Common Knowledge, Common Ground, and Context in Communication” virtually in London
24.-26.02.21 Workshop “The Semantics and Pragmatics of Conditional Connectives” (AG at the 43rd Annual Conference of the DGfS in Freiburg)
01.-02.10.20 “The Processing of Negation and Polarity” at HU Berlin
25.-26.09.20 “QUDs and exhaustivity: experiments, computation, and theory” in Graz
6.09.2020 Workshop Alternative approaches to alternatives as a satellite workshop of Sinn und Bedeutung 2020, UCL, London (Cancelled)
05.-06.03.20 DGfS Workshop AG 13: “Diversity in pragmatic inferences: experimental data, computational models, and the Semantics/Pragmatics Interface” in Hamburg
20.-21.11.19 Annual Meeting 2019 at ZAS Berlin
25.-26.09.19 Workshop “Contrasting Underspecification and Overspecification of Discourse relations” at ZAS Berlin
04.-07.09.19 Sinn & Bedeutung 24 in Osnabrück
05.-16.08.19 DGfS Summerschool on Experimental Pragmatics in Berlin
01.-03.07.19 Workshop “Asymmetries in Language: Presuppositions and beyond” at ZAS Berlin
11.-13.07.18 Workshop “Scalar Implicatures: Formal and Experimental Exploration” in Siena
13.-14.06.19 Workshop “Exhaustivity in Questions and Answers – Experimental and theoretical approaches” in Tübingen
23.-24.05.19 Workshop “The semantics and pragmatics of gradable adjectives: Integrating perspectives from linguistic theory, psycholinguistics and modeling” in Cologne
03.-05.04.19 Workshop “Reasoning, Argumentation, and Logic in Natural Language: Experiments and Models” in Bochum
27.-28.03.19 Workshop “The meaning of numerals: cognitive, experimental, and semantic perspectives” at ZAS Berlin
11.-12.03.19 Workshop “Linguistic investigations beyond language: gestures, body movement and primate linguistics” at ZAS Berlin
26.-28.09.18 Workshop “Computational Models of Language Generation and Processing in Pragmatics” in Bochum
11.-13.07.18 Workshop “Scalar Implicatures: Formal and Experimental Exploration” in Siena
11.-12.06.18 Annual Meeting 2018 in Graz
06.-07.06.18 Workshop “The pragmatics of quantifiers: implicature and presupposition – experiment and theory” at ZAS Berlin
24.-25.05.18 Workshop “Implicit and explicit marking of discourse relations: the comparison between causals vs. conditionals” in Osnabrück
20.-22.09.17 Method Workshop in Cologne
18.-19.09.17 Annual meeting in Cologne for projects of both periods
21.-23.06.17 Experimental Pragmatics conference 2017 (XPrag2017) in Cologne
19.-20.06.17 “Revising formal semantic and pragmatic theories from a neurocognitive perspective” in Bochum
08.-10.05.17 Workshop “Non-At-Issue Meaning and Information Structure” in Oslo
03.-05.03.17 Workshop “Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Presuppositions” in Genoa
20.-21.02.17 Workshop on Anaphora Resolution in Sign and Spoken Languages – Theoretical and Experimental Dimensions (ARISAS) organized by project “SignRef” at the University of Göttingen, Germany
25.-27.01.17 Workshop “Cross-linguistic Pragmatics” at ZAS Berlin
14.-15.11.16 Workshop “XPrag meets historical pragmatics” in Cologne
20.-21.06.16 Annual meeting 2016 in Tübingen
02.-03.06.16 Workshop “Disjunction Days: Theoretical and experimental perspectives on the semantics and pragmatics of disjunction”
30.-31.05.16 Workshop on “Dynamic Semantics”
25.-27.05.16 Workshop on “Rationality, Probability, and Pragmatics”
19.-20.05.16 Workshop on “The role of pragmatic factors in child language processing”
08.04.16 Workshop “Perspectivization” at the 39th GLOW, held at the University of Göttingen
24.-26.02.16 Workshop on “Agentivity and event structure: theoretical and experimental approaches”
15.02.16 Internal workshop on anaphora resolution involving the projects “SignRef”, “ProProCon” and “L2PronRes” at Potsdam University
20.-22.01.16 Workshop on “Questions, Answers and Negation”
18.-20.01.16 Workshop on “Trends in Experimental Pragmatics”
09.09.15 Workshop: “Experimental Methodology in Semantics and Pragmatics” at SuB 20 in Tübingen
03.09.15 SLE 2015 Workshop on Experimental Pragmatics
01.-03.07.15 Workshop on “Experimental and crosslinguistic evidence for the distinction between implicatures and presuppositions”
26.-27.06.15 Annual Meeting 2015 in Göttingen
12.06.15 Workshop on Exhaustivity Effects in Cleft Sentences
01.-03.06.15 Formal and experimental pragmatics: methodological issues of a nascent liaison
04.-6.03.15 DGfS Workshop AG 6 The prosody and meaning of (non-)canonical questions across languages
04.-06.03.15 DGfS Workshop AG 10 ‘Perspective-taking’
04.03.15 DGfS Workshop AG 13 ‘Proportions and Quantities’
03.03.15 Pre-DGfS Workshop “Proportions and Quantities”
18.-20.09.14 Questions in Discourse
11.-15.08.14 Formal and Experimental Pragmatics Workshop, ESSLLI 2014
23.-25.07.14 Methods Workshop
21.-22.07.14 Kick-off Meeting