XPrag.de Internship Program (2017-20)

XPrag.de includes an internship program for international doctoral students and early postdocs (up to three years past the Ph.D.) to work for periods of up to three months within an XPrag.de project. The intern will join an individual XPrag.de project and will participate in all ongoing research activities of the particular XPrag.de project, supervised by the Principal Investigator. This program will enhance the international profile and impact of XPrag.de and also supports the goal of including languages other than English and German in the XPrag.de research agenda. Hosts commit to hold at least weekly meetings with the intern, provide adequate workspace, and also provide access to equipment and funding for experiments. XPrag.de funds the travel costs to and from Germany up to 1.500 € and a stipend of 1.000 € per month. Application is not possible anymore!

Our interns in 2019-20

Nicoletta Simi
Intern at MoLCINS2

Vincent Rouillard
Intern at ExQ

Our interns in 2018-19

Elaine Stranahan
Elaine Stranahan
Intern at Pro^3

Chiawei Wang
Intern at InfoPer 2
Sherry Chen
Intern at MUQTASP

Camelia Bleotu
Intern at SiGames

Our interns in 2017-18
Alice Rees
Alice Rees
Intern at InfoPer2

Chao Sun
Chao Sun
Intern at “MUQTASP”

Alexander Göbel
Intern at InfoPer2

Anne Therese Frederiksen
Anne Frederiksen
Intern at SignRef