Upcoming Events

Date Event
11.-12.03.19 Workshop “Linguistic investigations beyond language: gestures, body movement and primate linguistics” at ZAS Berlin
27.-28.03.19 Workshop “The meaning of numerals: cognitive, experimental, and semantic perspectives” at ZAS Berlin
03.-05.04.19 Workshop “Reasoning, Argumentation, and Logic in Natural Language: Experiments and Models” in Bochum
May 2019 Workshop “Contrasting Underspecification and Overspecification of Discourse relations” at ZAS Berlin
16.-17.05.19 Workshop “The semantics and pragmatics of gradable adjectives: Integrating perspectives from linguistic theory, psycholinguistics and modeling” in Cologne
13.-14.06.19 Workshop “Exhaustivity in Questions and Answers – Experimental and theoretical approaches” in Tübingen
01.-03.07.19 Workshop “Asymmetries in Language: Presuppositions and beyond” at ZAS Berlin
05.-16.08.19 DGfS Summerschool on Experimental Pragmatics in Berlin
04.-07.09.19 Sinn & Bedeutung 24, Osnabrück
Nov 19 Annual Meeting 2019 at ZAS Berlin

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