Upcoming Events

Date Event
April/May 2018 Workshop “The pragmatics of quantifiers: implicature and presupposition – experiment and theory” at ZAS Berlin
24.-25.05.18 Workshop “Implicit and explicit marking of discourse relations: the comparison between causals vs. conditionals” in Osnabrück
11.-12.06.18 Annual Meeting in Graz
11.-13.07.18 Workshop “Scalar Implicatures: Formal and Experimental Exploration” in Siena
26.-28.09.18 Workshop “Computational Models of Language Generation and Processing in Pragmatics” in Bochum
August 2019 DGfS Summerschool on Experimental Pragmatics in Berlin
04.-07.09-.19 Sinn & Bedeutung 24, Osnabrück

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