SPOCC Events

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Date Event
24.-26.02.21 Workshop “The Semantics and Pragmatics of Conditional Connectives” (AG at the 43rd Annual Conference of the DGfS in Freiburg)
01.-02.10.20 Workshop “The processing of negation and polarity” at HU Berlin
25.-26.09.19 Workshop “Contrasting Underspecification and Overspecification of Discourse relations” at ZAS Berlin
04.-07.09.19 Sinn und Bedeutung 24 in Osnabrück
24.-25.05.18 Workshop “Implicit and explicit marking of discourse relations: the comparison between causals vs. conditionals” in Osnabrück
06.-10.08.18 Summer school “Concepts in Action: Representation, Learning, and Application (CARLA)” in Osnabrück
14.-15.07.18 “Second Workshop on Language and Logic in China (LaLo2)”, organized by Fengkui Ju, Mingya Liu and Yanjing Wang, Beijing Normal University