Annual Meeting 2019 at ZAS Berlin

Time and Venue:
November, 20th – 21st 2019, Trajekte-Room, 3rd floor; How to get to ZAS!

Each and each short-term collaboration project is supposed to present their results. Default is a poster presentation, however, like in the previous years, there will be some talks by projects. We will start the poster session with lightning talks, 3 minutes each. Posters can either be in A0 size in portrait or A1 size both portrait or landscape.

Important dates:

  • Registration by November 11th at the latest
  • Submit a title and a brief abstract of your poster by November 13th.
  • For your Lightning talk, send your slides in PDF format by November 18th via email.

Warming-up on Tuesday, November 19th at 7 p.m. at Spitteleck, Seydelstr. 37, 10117 Berlin

Preliminary Program

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Time Event
09:00-09:40 Registration & Poster and lightning talk set-up
09:40-09:45 Welcome
09:45-11:00 Topic situations and domain restriction (Abstract)
Talk by Mercator Fellow Lyn Frazier (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:10 Exhaustiveness in embedded questions. An experimental comparison of four predicates of embedding. (Abstract)
Lea Fricke & Dominique Blok (project ExQ, Graz/Potsdam)
12:10-12:40 Lightning talks for the poster presentations
12:40-14:20 Poster session with Fingerfood in room 403, 4th floor!
  1. The influence of informativeness and predictability on the processing of negation (MoLCINS, Tübingen) (Abstract)
  2. Tackling minimal sufficiency (ObTrEx, Tübingen) (Abstract)
  3. Probabilistic pragmatics explains the production of quantifiers (MUQTASP, ZAS Berlin) (Abstract)
  4. Approaching scalar diversity using multiple mechanisms (Short-term project, Benz, Breheny, Gotzner, Sun) (Abstract)
  5. Non-at-issue meanings of Mandarin conditional connectives (SPOCC, HU Berlin)
  6. At-issue Status of Iconic Items in Gesture, Sign & Speech (PSIMS)
  7. Bayesian Pragmatics Provides the Best Quantitative Model of Context Effects on Word Meaning in EEG and Cloze Data (BayesPrag@EEG, Bochum) (Abstract)
  8. Do German discourse particles eigentlich and tatsächlich modulate online expectations about intended meaning? (Pro^3, Osnabrück)
  9. Response elements in German Sign Language (DGS) (YesNo, Cologne) (Abstract)
14:20-15:35 Bilingualism in Children with Developmental Disorders: From Human Rights to Language and Cognition (Abstract)
Invited talk by Mercator Fellow Napoleon Katsos (University of Cambridge, UK)
15:35-16:15 Comprehension of Non-Linguistic Vocalizations across Cultures (Abstract)
Aleksandra Cwiek et al (project PSIMS, ZAS Berlin)
16:15-16:45 Coffee Break
16:45-17:25 Embedded Implicatures in Comprehension and Production. (Abstract)
Anton Benz & Nicole Gotzner (project SiGames, ZAS Berlin)
17:25-18:05 All hands business meeting ( members only)
19:00 Joint Dinner at Restaurant CANA Neue Roßstraße 11-12, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Time Event
09:00-09:30 Coffee
09:30-10:45 Brain-language modelling, prediction and the neural basis of communication (Abstract)
Invited talk by Friedemann Pulvermüller (project BraiSiCo, FU Berlin)
10:45-11:25 Neurophysiological evidence for rapid processing of verbal and
gestural information in understanding communicative actions (Abstract)
Rosario Tomasello & Friedemann Pulvermüller (project BraiSiCo, FU Berlin)
11:25-11:55 Coffee Break
11:55-12:35 Brain Signatures of Communication Prior to Speech Onset: Predictive Brain Activity Indexing Illocutionary Type. (Abstract)
Isabella Boux et al (project BraiSiCo, FU Berlin)
12:35-13:15 Order and relevance: Revising temporal structures (Abstract)
Maria Spychalska (project ImpliPer, Cologne)
13:15-14:45 Lunch Break / Steering Board meeting
14:45-15:25 Processing quantifiers in partial information contexts (Abstract)
Maria Spychalska & Markus Werning (short-term project, ImpliPer,Cologne / BayesPrag@EEG,Bochum)
15:25-16:05 Compression within a Generative View of Thought and Language (Abstract)
Uli Sauerland (project LISI, ZAS Berlin)
16:05-16:15 Closing