ExCl Events

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Date Event
03.-05.03.17 Workshop “Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Presuppositions” at University of Genoa, (Italy)
25.-27.01.17 Workshop “Cross-linguistic Pragmatics” at ZAS Berlin
01.12.16 Workshop “Experimental Investigations of two issues of clefts: Prosody and Predicate Type” in Göttingen
30.11.16 Visit by Lilla Pintér; talk on “Asserted, Presupposed, and Pragmatically Implied Exhaustivity in Hungarian” in Göttingen
21.01.16 “Workshop on relative clauses” in Göttingen
01.-03.07.15 Workshop “Experimental and crosslinguistic evidence for the distinction between implicatures and presuppositions” at ZAS Berlin
26.-27.06.15 Annual Meeting 2015 in Göttingen
12.06.15 Workshop “Exhaustivity Effects in Cleft Sentences” in Göttingen
18.-20.09.14 Workshop “Questions in Discourse” in Göttingen