An impressive number of members presenting at the Kick-off-Workshop “Cognitive Semantics and Quantities” in Amsterdam

There are several members presenting at the Kick-off workshop of the recently started ERC project on “Cognitive Semantics and Quantities”, which is leaded by Jakub Szymanik, who is an Associate professor in the “Institute for Logic, Language and Computation” at the University of Amsterdam. The workshop will be held on September 28th and 29th. More details can be found here:

On Thursday, September 28 at 11:40 associate Stephanie Solt (ZAS Berlin) will give a talk with the title “Do quantifiers count?”. In the afternoon at 14:40, Mercator Fellow Napoleon Katsos (Cambridge University) will talk on “How children learn `some,’ `all,’ and `most,’ words”, followed by Principal Investigator Olivier Bott from project “CiC” in Tübingen, who will talk about “Empty-Set Effects in Quantifier Interpretation” at 14:40.

On Friday, 29th at 14:40, Principal Investigator Maria Spychalska from project “ImpliPer” at the University of Cologne will talk on “Pragmatic effects on the processing of quantifiers.” Afterwards, member Barbara Tomaszewicz from project “InfoPer” in Cologne will give a talk on “Proportional and Superlative ‘Most’ in Visual Verification Tasks”