XPrag.de at the AMLaP 2018 conference in Berlin

There will be several presentations by XPrag.de members at the AMLaP 2018 Conference to be held in Berlin, September 6-8. The conference is organized by XPrag.de member Pia Knoeferle (project FoTeRo)

On September 7th, XPrag.de coordinator Petra Schumacher (project InfoPer) will give a talk together with J. Knowles, A. Krott, and S. Frissonon on Processing Of Ad Hoc Metonymy.
In addition there will be several poster presentations. Mingya Liu (project SPOCC) will present a poster together with M. Xiang on Anti-Locality Effect Without Verb – Final Dependecies. Susanne Fuchs (project PSIMS) will present a poster together with Marzena ┼╗ygis and Kasia Stoltmann on Orofacial Expressions And Acoustic Cues In Whispered And Normal Speech. Oliver Bott (project CiC) will present a poster together with XPrag.de associate Torgrim Solstad and A. Pryslopska on Implicit Causality Affects the Choice of Anaphoric Form. Christoph Hesse and Anton Benz (project SiGames) will present a poster on Two mechanisms of scalar implicature in comparatively modified numerals.