Call for papers “The Processing of Negation and Polarity” in Berlin, October 1-2, 2020

On October 1st to 2nd, 2020, the workshop “The Processing of Negation and Polarity” will take place at Humboldt University Berlin. The workshop is organized by Carolin Dudschig (University of Tübingen, MoLCINS), Barbara Kaup (University of Tübingen, MoLCINS), Mingya Liu (Humboldt University of Berlin, SPOCC) and Juliane Schwab (Osnabrück University).

The workshop aims at establishing a broad perspective on the processing of negation and polarity, with a focus on (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • One- versus two-step models of language comprehension through investigations employing negative sentences
  • Experimental approaches to the semantics and pragmatics of canonical and noncanonical negation (negative concord, pleonastic negation)
  • Processing of entailment cancelling contexts (negation, modals, questions, conditionals)
  • Negative and positive polarity items
  • Experimental computational/developmental/sociolinguistic approaches to negation and polarity

Deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2020. More details and the call for papers can be found here.