InfoPer2: Processing speaker’s meaning: Epistemic state, cooperation, commitment

Principal investigator:
Prof. Dr. Petra Schumacher
University of Cologne

Funding period:
2017-2020; this project is a continuation of “InfoPer: Processing speaker’s meaning: Informativeness and perspective”

Project description:
This project seeks to advance our knowledge of the online comprehension of speaker’s meaning, i.e. the identification and if necessary reconstruction of the mental representation and intentions of the speaker when making a particular utterance. Our research in experimental pragmatics departs from two points of view. The first line of investigation pursues the role of particular pragmatic aspects of speaker’s meaning in language processing, including epistemic states, cooperation, reliability and commitment. The second line seeks to assess and advance a neuro-cognitively plausible model of language comprehension and its predictions for pragmatic processing.