XPrag.de at the 41st Annual Meeting of the DGfS in Bremen

There will be serveral contributions by XPrag.de members at the 41st Annual Meeting of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS) to be held at the University of Bremen from March 6th-8th, 2019.

Sophie Repp (principal investigator of project YesNo, Cologne) organizes together with Johannes Mursell (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main) the workshop “AG 4: Encoding varieties of topic and focus: the role of contrast and information status”. Aleksandra Ćwiek, Cornelia Ebert and Susanne Fuchs (all project PSIMS, ZAS Berlin) are the organizers of the workshop “AG 11: Iconicity in Language”. And, Carla Bombi (project ExQ, Universität Potsdam) organizes together with Radek Šimik (HU Berlin) the workshop “AG 12: Sorting out the concepts behind definiteness”.

Mingya Liu (project SPOCC, Osnabrück) is invited speaker of the workshop AG 5: Concessives vs. adversatives: opposing oppositions. She will give a talk on Thursday, March 7th, at 13:45–14:45 on “The siblings in the shadow of if: The semantics and pragmatics of conditional connectives”. At the same time, Stavros Skopeteas (project FoTeRo, Göttingen) will give a talk on “Information-structural domains and the emergence of head-initial VPs in Caucasian Urum” at the workshop AG 7: Language change at the interfaces. On the interaction between syntax, prosody and information structure. Another talk in this timeslot will be given by Aleksandra Ćwiek and Susanne Fuchs (PSIMS, ZAS Berlin) together with Christoph Draxler and Bodo Winter (both University of Munich) and Marcus Perlman (University of Birmingham) on “Comprehension of non-linguistic vocalizations across cultures” at the workshop AG 11: Iconicity in Language.