XPrag.de at CUNY 2019

There is an impressive number of contributions by XPrag.de members at The 32nd CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing: seven posters and one talk!

CUNY will take place Friday, March 29 – Sunday, March 31, 2019 at The University of Colorado Boulder.

On Friday, March 29th at 2:15 Judith Degen (project Pro^3, Stanford) will give a talk together with Michael Hahn and Richard Futrell on “Crosslinguistic word orders enable an efficient tradeoff of memory and surprisal”. In the afternoon, three posters by XPrag.de members will be presented:

  • A23 “If you don’t have anything nice (or interesting) to say, don’t say anything at all” (Hannah Rohde and Michael Franke, project Pro^3 in Osnabrück)
  • A25 “Processing referential expressions in German Sign Language: The effect of overt localization” (Anne Wienholz, Derya Nuhbalaoglu, Markus Steinbach, Annika Herrmann and Nivedita Mani, all former project SignRef in Göttingen)
  • A43 “The approximate number sense bootstraps scalar implicature of comparatively modified numerals in impoverished contexts” (Christoph Hesse, project SiGames at ZAS Berlin)

On Saturday, March 30th at the morning session at 8:15, further three posters will be presented by XPrag.de members:

  • B53 “Anti-locality effects without verb-final dependencies” (Juliane Schwab, Ming Xiang and Mingya Liu, project SPOCC in Osnabrück)
  • B57 “World knowledge and the interpretation of relative and absolute adjectives” (Barbara Tomaszewicz and Petra B. Schumacher, both project InfoPer2 in Cologne)
  • B73 “Self-awareness matters: co-reference in German attitude clauses” (XPrag.de intern Alexander Göbel and Petra B. Schumacher, project InfoPer2 in Cologne

At the session in the afternoon at 2:55, Nadine Bade (project ObTrEx in Tübingen) will present a poster together with Florian Schwarz (U Penn) on “C39 (In-)definites, (anti-)uniqueness, and uniqueness expectations”